Coronavirus Lessons

Lessons from the Pandemic We better friggin’ learn something from this friggin’ mess The coronavirus has provided us with many hard lessons – lessons about things that we should have probably known in the first place. There will be plenty more lessons to come as we, because of a complete lack of competent national leadership …

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pandemic to-do list

The Pandemic To-Do list

The Official Pandemic To-Do list How to make a pandemic magically disappear… Luckily for America, President Trump led a highly effective campaign against the Coronavirus. So that future presidents will be as successful as President Trump, we are providing a to-do list based on Trump’s actions that have led to the Coronavirus magically going away …

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Made in America

Buy American Better yet, build American… Buying American ain’t easy these days with more and more companies moving overseas and more and more local stores being squeezed out of existence.   It is even harder to buy local during a pandemic (though that is when it is needed the most).  I suck at it myself …

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