understanding manipulations

Working Through It

Understanding the manipulations, lies, and spin is critical if we are to save American Democracy.  There are too many spin-masters in this country to count and they have done a fantastic job at leading us down the wrong path – their path.

Those with power and wealth are no longer hiding their goals and we are now getting a feel for just how far they are willing to go.  Remember that no matter what they tell you, they don’t care about you….

Don’t fall for the spin – don’t let yourself be expendable…


Is Our Government Incompetent?

...In reality, our government and corporations rely on each other heavily and this has played a big part in making corporate America successful – corporate America hardly became successful on their own....


Money is Blood

...Likewise, money needs to continually flow around for the economy to work. The more hands that touch a dollar bill, the better....


The Free Market Lie

...The cool thing about the free market being more of an ideology means that it doesn’t really need to be proven out or go through any rigorous validation...


Creating Fear and Despair to Control Us

...There are plenty of folks out there who shrewdly use fear, deceit, and divisive language to herd the rest of us around as they please...