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A little something about us...

We all know that Americans don’t like being sold a lemon for a car, being screwed by a contractor, or putting up with bullshit of any kind. Surprisingly though, we have been letting ourselves suffer through a 50+ year con job where our health, our finances, and our planet are being ruined by a relatively small number of people.  Their actions are holding us back from living up to our potential, from moving up the economic ladder, and from giving our children the future and world that they deserve.  Everything is being taken away from us… with a big friendly con man smile.

To fix a problem you need to understand it.  That is really what Democracy Rebooted is all about – understanding how the “predator elite” (the greediest and most powerful among us) have spent the last 50 years slowly working against the average guy. Through this site, we hope to show who is manipulating us, how they’re doing it, and the great damage it has slowly caused to our great nation.. 

We are being tricked.  We are being tossed around like rag dolls.  We are being pitted against each other over made-up or exaggerated issues.  More and more of us are being forced to share a smaller and smaller slice of the pie.  Because of their con, our trust in each other is dwindling.  We used to jump to help but now we jump to criticize. All of this makes us more willing to allow the con men to lead us down a “different” path, their path, that will somehow bring us some sort of salvation or prosperity.  As they lead us down this path they grow in wealth and power while leaving us behind.

Democracy Rebooted is an attempt to get the United States of America back on track. It will probably fail. There are thousands of blogs, online newspapers, chat rooms, etc. that are trying to do the same thing. There is no claim that this site is any better than anything else out there, and with so many sources of information available, this probably only adds to the noise.  You will notice a lot of redundancy throughout this site but that is because there is a lot of overlap between the players, their goals, and their actions as their assault on America has expanded into most of the nooks and crannies of our society. 

For now, call me Joe Sixpack (meet my family – Heather Hard Seltzer, Joey Juice Box, and little Susie Sippy Cup). I am a guy. I drink beer. I grew up on a farm. I should have stayed there. I am white. I am over the hill. I am overweight. I am balding.  I do okay financially but we’ll see after the pandemic (if I make it through). I drink beer.  I care about these things: the health and well-being of my family, the health and well-being of my country, the health and well-being of humanity, and the health and well-being of our planet.

And yes, I have an agenda.  What I hope to gain out of this for myself is to avoid having to apologize to my children for not having done anything while their country is torn apart. I have this uneasy feeling that I have done too little too late.