wear a mask

To Wear or
Not to Wear???

Why is that a question???

Some of folks are all-in on masks; wearing them in their own houses, while they sleep, and even during sex – all with the understanding that it could save their lives or the lives of others. For these people it is simply a matter of “following Doctor’s orders”, like they always have.  On the other hand, some of us are not so inclined to wear them for reasons related to freedom, rights, personal liberty, and an invasive government. For these folks, it equates to “give me liberty, or give me death”. One side sees masks as a life-saver while the other sees it as a sign of government tyranny.  Mask wearing wasn’t even a thing back on New Year’s eve 2020, but it has become yet another way America has managed to divide itself (or let itself be divided). This is definitely worth some digging into – let’s start with some annoying rhetorical questions:

Do you think that wearing a mask infringes on your freedoms or your liberty?

Do you wear a seat belt (even if it drives you crazy)? How about wearing a seat belt in a plane that is landing or taking off? Did you get a safety seat for each of your children?

Do you feel personally violated when you have to stop at a stop sign? Many of us just do a rolling stop when we see that no cars are coming – but when a car is coming we stop. Unlike cars and trucks, we can’t see the Coronavirus. We can’t tell if we have it or if the other guy has it. It’s sorta like if cars were invisible.

Do you refuse to go to restaurants or even go to work because smoking is not allowed? It’s quite possible that you are annoyed by these rules but you still comply. And the thing is, those smoking rules are there to MAYBE prevent illness from secondhand smoke in SOME people YEARS from now. The Coronavirus is much more lethal and only takes a couple of weeks.

What about medicine and science? Do you ignore the results of your x-rays and MRIs?  Do you blow off taking your prescriptions? If you had the choice, would you prefer that you doctor wore a mask while performing an operation on you?

Here is another question specifically for those who won’t wear a mask or won’t get vaccinated: What other medical advice do you turn to politicians and political pundits for?  

We could be even more annoying and ask these questions all day long but you get the idea.

This country is loaded with laws and rules and regulations that keep us healthy, keep us alive, and keep us from harming each other. Having us do something as simple as wearing masks for something as important as beating back a pandemic should be laughably obvious – and would have been not long ago. The thing that makes the mask wearing an issue is the timing of this pandemic. Right now this country is at a point where the EFFORT to divide us is at a peak – no matter what damage it causes.

predator eliteThere are people who want you to believe that our government is on this non-stop crusade to take away your personal liberty and take everything you own. To them, mask wearing is not about saving lives, it is just something else that they can twist into their story. They do this not because they care about your personal liberty – far from it. They do it as part of their strategy to weaken democracy, take away what’s left of your power and money, and gut the industry regulations that protect you and your planet. They don’t care about you or your liberties and they are happy to have you sacrifice yourself for their cause. But to succeed in this they first need to get your approval and they have been working hard to do just that – to convince you that we need to “burn it all down”.  They are the ones who turned mask wearing into a “live free, or die” moment in American history. Who are “they”? They are the “predator elite“.

Unfortunately, the predator elite have been able to get that approval from many of us. But it was not enough to convince us to only hate the government, they had to inject hate and anger into our society to better control it. Basically, their efforts boil down to two things: bait and trap.

The Bait

The predator elite have taken much from Americans – some of us have been left so far behind that we feel that we no longer belong.  To hide their deeds, the predator elite have had to distract us by creating a threat-haven dynamic in our society. They identify the threats that have caused our misery and then they provide a safe haven from the threat. Both the threats and the haven are fake. They blame more than just our Government – they create as many threats as possible: left or right, Christian or not, white or not, straight or not, pro-life or not, rural or urban, the ever-popular governed or “free”, and now mask-wearer or freedom-fighter. Our differences are reframed as significant threats to the American way of life.  This lures us into that safe haven and it also allows us to rationalize attacks on those who “threaten” us.  The attacks have been getting progressively worse over the years and have created a unsettling disconnect between those  in our government whose job it is to protect us and those politicians in our government who hope to gain by dividing us…

The Trap

When a party has ideologies that will not have enough popular support then they need to make the other party to appear to be worse. The further their ideologies are from the needs of the people, the more aggressive and misleading the attacks on the other party need to be. These attacks, if consistent over time and from numerous sources, can be very effective. It can get to the point where one side distrusts and fears the other so much that they would rather vote against the interests of themselves or those of the Nation rather than support that other party, thus sacrificing themselves and the Nation. The folks that want to undermine Democracy have conned many of us into doing the work for them – a sort of “Inverted Totalitarianism“.

We have tossed common sense out the window. We have forgotten what has made our country successful. Sadly, we are now making our decisions – even life-or-death decisions – based on who is telling us something, not on what they are telling us.

(This paragraph is from our Hate and Division article) A recent example of division being used to control us, sacrifice us, and further spread the hate are the protests against the effort to stop the spread of Covid-19 in Michigan.  As the world was trying to figure out what the corona virus was all about while desperately trying to save as many lives as possible, several hundred protesters descended on the steps of the Michigan State House in April 2020.  They were convinced that the governor’s actions to slow the spread of the pandemic were taking away their liberty.  It may have looked like some sort of grass roots demonstration but the protesters were herded there by conservatives including the Michigan Conservative Coalition and the Michigan Freedom Fund groups, conservative news personalities including Fox News hosts Sean Hannity, Jeannine Pirro, and Laura Ingraham, all supported by tweets from President Trump. Eventually there was at least some pushback from conservative media when protesters started showing up heavily armed (sometimes conservatives lose control of their club members).  So it wasn’t really grass roots but it certainly made it more difficult for Michigan to deal with the virus. Similar protests popped up in other cities with support from additional conservatives – further interrupting life-saving efforts.

The predator elite and their minions have spent decades and billions of dollars to tilt the playing field while convincing us that it is our neighbors’ fault that we couldn’t get ahead on that tilted field (they have openly admitted to it).  When we were turning on each other, the predator elite were turning on America, corrupting it, and taking everything for themselves. 

This is why they turned mask wearing into a divisive issue.  How does it feel to be a pawn. How does it feel to be sacrificed?

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