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Democracy Rebooted

An overview of how to get around our site.
(A sure sign of a poorly designed web site...)

This site is typically less about current affairs and more about how we got to these god-awful current affairs. It is more about our slow crawl away from Democracy vs the events of the day. As difficult as it might be, responding to the daily barrage of bullshit out there will be avoided as much as possible. Because of this, it takes longer to develop the content so articles won’t be popping every day – it simply takes too long to “pull the string”, “follow the money”, and “find the puzzle pieces”. Some of the pages are place-holders that let folks know what is content is right around the corner.

If you’re having trouble navigating Democracy Now, the following is how the site is laid out and the content organized….

Our Lost Democracy
This area will provide some high-level historical context and examples of how we went from a fairly strong working class to being pissants.

The Predator Elite
This area introduces the concept of the Predator Elite – the people that are coming at us and our Democracy hard. Over time they, their organizations, and their dirty deeds will be included.

Cutting Through the Crap
Here we will look at examples of how we have been and continue to be fed a bunch of crap so that we would fall in line and let the Predator Elite step all over us.

We Are Expendable
Most of this site is loaded with examples of how we are no-shit-expendable, but this area will take close look at some specific cases. (coming soon)

Made in America
Talks about the importance of buying American and provides resources to help you do that. It also includes American-made products that I personally use. I guess at some point I will link these to amazon to help pay for this site (but please buy local before giving me some tiny percentage of an amazon purchase!!!!)