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If disaffected voters understood all they were about to lose and just how bad their world will be (not could be), they would fight to be first in line to vote for Joe Biden and the Democrats. Let’s help them past their indifference, grudges, and habits – at least for this one election.



Your Toolkit to Save Democracy

We are on the verge of losing our Democracy and we need to be planning, talking, and acting like it right now. (Your vote is not enough)


How We Got Here

These pages look at just how good we had it not that long ago and explore how things were flipped on us.


Working Through The Biggest Lies

Understanding the manipulations, lies, and spin is critical if we are to save American Democracy.

The Predator Class

Who Did This To Us?

...They shifted the balance of power over to the wealthy who have been doing whatever the hell they want to our wallets, our health, and our planet....