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A Pandemic of Realizations

We must not ignore the fact that this pandemic has been handled with pure incompetence and then exploited for pure greed.  There are many lessons to be learned and realizations to be considered with this pandemic.

It should be clear to you now that some people really do think that you are expendable….

pandemic lessons

Lessons from the Pandemic

...If we choose to, we can re-evaluate the lack of attention we have given to our country and to facts and then look at what that inattentiveness has done to us and to our future. We can reconsider our allegiances and think about those who have slowly led us to this place, giving us their answers, not the answers...

mask wearing

The Mask Debate

...One side sees masks as a life-saver while the other sees it as a sign of oppressive government. Mask wearing wasn’t even a thing back on New Year’s eve 2020, but it has become yet another way America has managed to divide itself (or let itself be divided)...


The Pandemic To-Do List

...Instead, the Administration followed their totally corrupt instincts and automatically took the charade route, not even realizing that slowing the Pandemic when they were told to would have been easier than hijacking an election...

red plague

The Red Plague

How the corporate elite enabled the Pandemic

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